Expert Advice Lincoln NE Roofing


Roofing companies in Lincoln NE often recommend metal roofing as a cheap and durable alternative to pretty much any other types of roofing materials you can find on the market. Concrete, terracotta, slate and wood are all pretty durable, but they often require a lot of maintenance and repairs when storms hit. In contrast, metal is highly resilient, impact and fire-resistant, able to hold its own against strong winds, and less prone to just about any type of damage.


Some might argue that metal can rust and that’s a pretty bad drawback. It’s true that most metal roofing installations can’t compare with slate or concrete, which are rated to last at least 75-100 years with proper maintenance. Still, the best metal roofs can often reach 50-60 years of age without a problem and are not that expensive. Moreover, you’ll save a lot of money over time by avoiding expensive replacement and repair costs.


Overall, metal roofing Lincoln NE experts install can be very advantageous depending on the type of metal used. These days there are a lot of composite and traditional roofs that use metal parts, which can be a good asset to lengthen your roof’s lifespan. However, with a steel roof enhanced by other metals like aluminum or copper, you’ll find that you can keep your roof pretty much impervious to damage for a very long time to come.