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Slate is a roofing material with a rich and glorious history. It is entirely natural, obtained only by mechanical processing of natural stone, and has been used since immemorial times, just like wood and vegetable fibers.

A slate roof is unmatched when it comes to durability and longevity, and some manufacturers guarantee their product for up to 100 years. Slate is also unmatched in its natural beauty, a beauty seemingly immune to the effects of the time and the elements.

It is mandatory that the slate roof be installed and repaired only by experienced roofers in Lincoln, because this type of natural material breaks very easily.

Typically, damage to the slate tiles comes in the form of small and medium-sized cracks. These can be repaired with the help of various putties that prevent moisture infiltrations. However, if the roof has more extensive damage, using sealants only will not solve the problem, and solving the problem will require a major overhaul, involving the replacement of damaged tiles.

Regular maintenance is also important and should be performed by professional roofers, on an annual basis. Broken or cracked parts, as well as rusty nails or other accessories need to be replaced. Even if slate is practically waterproof, varnishing the roof with mineral oils will protect the surface from the sun and will darken the natural colors. Maintenance also involves the removal of moss and lichens that may grow on slate tiles.