asphalt shingles roofing products lincoln

Lincoln is located in the Great Plains, far from mountains and far from large bodies of water, in a humid continental climate zone, with cold winters, hot summers and capricious weather. The roofs in the city are exposed to a lot and they need to stand up to all sorts of weather extremes, which can lead too severe and premature roof failure. If you are looking for roofing solutions that prevent such expensive fixes, here are some recommendations from Lincoln roofing experts:

  • Pick the right materials – some roofing materials are more resistant to extreme weather than others. Conventional asphalt shingles, for example, are more suitable for more moderate climates, some of the best choices for the NE area being metal, clay and cement tiles;
  • Roof coatings – whatever material you choose for your new Lincoln roof, there are many great coating products available on the market to enhance the roof’s durability resistance as well as its ability to reflect heat. These roofing Lincoln NE coating products are easy to apply and very affordable, so using them is a great way to prolong the life of your Lincoln roof;
  • Regular maintenance – another very important thing that can reduce the risk of roof damage is regular, professional attention. Ideally, your roof should be checked and cleaned by a professional twice a year, once in spring to prepare it for the upcoming summer and again in fall to prepare the roof for the cold season.