Siding Trends New 2020The facade is like a visit card of your house. It is an element that attracts the view and reflects the personality of the house. If you want to avoid that the passage of time and the environmental factors affect its appearance, you must carefully choose the materials.

Here are new trends for 2020.

Facades in natural stone texture

Natural stone is a very durable material, versatile and never outdated. You have all the reasons in the world to use it for the facade of the house, especially since it is an elegant choice and that makes any construction stand out. Natural stone has a higher price than some other materials, but if we put its advantages in balance with the price, it turns to be a wise investment.

Slate siding

You can also opt for slate, which is a particular type of natural stone, very resistant and glamorous. Slate will fit very well with modern or urban buildings.  This type of product for siding Lincoln NE homes is very popular.

Glass facades

Glass facades are spectacular and do not compare with any other material. They are used for modern and ultra-modern houses. Glass is an expensive material, especially if it is strong enough to replace a wall, but it provides a unique aspect.