Reasons for new roof roofing specialists

A roof replacement might seem like an investment that is too substantial right before you put your property out on the market, but the truth is that a new roof can help a lot with the selling process. Here is how:

  • A higher asking price – it might not be possible to recoup the entire spending from the sale price, but around 70-80% of the investment into a new roof can return to the seller;
  • Speedier selling – a building with an older roof might be more difficult to sell and the price negotiations are usually lengthier, too. A new roof, on the other hand, makes your property more attractive to buyers, therefore a roof replacement is a great way to attract the right type of people and to sell your building faster;
  • Helping your buyers get financing – when your buyer applies for a mortgage loan, their bank will probably send an inspector to assess the property. If the inspector sees an old roof, the bank might refuse to approve your buyer’s application, which might make that buyer withdraw from the purchase. If the inspector sees a new roof, the loan lending process might be faster and easier, so your new roof installed by roofing Lincoln NE specialists will help not only your buyer, but you, as the seller, as well.