metal roofing Lincoln NE


By purchasing a metallic roof, you invest in a quality product, the cost of which pays off over time and which adds value to your home – these being the reasons why metal roofing is considered one of the best roofing Lincoln NE solutions.

Here are three ways that this type of roof saves you headaches and helps you save money in the long run.

You reduce the costs of repairing the roof

Metal roofs have a durability of at least 50 years. This longevity compensates for the initial investment by eliminating possible replacement costs. Why purchase three roofs over the years, when you can get one good one?

Ready for solar panels

Metal facilitates the installation of solar systems better than any other roofing materials. Solar panels can be installed with clamps or supports, without holes or other intrusive operations.

Energy saving

Most roofs do not decrease energy consumption, so the fact that metal roofs actually do this might surprise you. There is an explanation! The difference between metal and other roofing materials is how it’s impacted by the sun. While other roofing materials absorb heat from the sun and retain it, a metal roof has natural reflective properties. This reduces the effort required of the cooling systems in your home during the summer. You can reduce your energy bills by almost a quarter!