Roof Repair RecyclingOwning an asphalt shingle roof might be somewhat cheaper in the short run, but your shingles likely have to be replaced as early as 15 years. After that period, the roof just keeps deteriorating, and you’ll have to replace it with a new one.


Fortunately, asphalt shingles are extremely versatile and 100% recyclable. As a result, not only can you take most of them to a recycling center that will gladly get them off your hands, but you can also use part of them to build your own ingenious projects leading to practical products that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars to buy.


A few great applications for old and worn out asphalt shingles include a new doormat, strengthened floorboards in your attic, better traction for a drum kit to prevent it from sliding away, and a garden path made entirely out of asphalt shingles, that will help you avoid the cost and hassle of buying gravel or bricks to make it.


Finally, you can also use asphalt shingles to create makeshift walkways during the winter. When everything is covered in snow and ice, just place a few asphalt shingles on the pathway from your home to the road, so you can avoid slipping when you’re in a hurry.  Lastly, most roof repair Lincoln NE professionals have recycling processes in place to avoid putting them in the landfill.