Hailstorm roofing siding home exterior solutions repair

Hailstorms are devastated forces of nature – the balls of ice, the heavy rain and the high winds associated with these extreme events can wreak havoc even on the strongest building and the best-kept landscape. If your property has been devastated by a hailstorm, here is what to do:

  • Document the damage – take pictures and shoot videos of the damage to be able to back up your insurance claim later. Document all forms of harm, from shattered windows, dented doors and ripped-off roofing to signs of damage sustained by your patio, your basement as well as by your vegetation;
  • Clean-up – the first phase of the repair process should be clean-up. Collect all the debris on your property, paying special attention to the roof, the gutters and the areas that surround your building;
  • Focus on emergency repairs – a leaking roof, broken windows and water damage sustained by your basement should be addressed first, so start looking for contractors that provide emergency services right away;
  • Find licensed and insured contractors for less urgent repairs;
  • File your insurance claim – if your home insurance policy provides coverage for hail damage, prepare and submit your insurance claim file. Don’t forget to attach the files that back up your claim.  Be sure to call a local roofing company like https://homesolutionsofnebraska.com/ for immediate repair services.