Winterize Your Home Roofing Lincoln NE

Winter in Lincoln, NE can be a beautiful but chilly time. As the cold weather hits, it is imperative to make your roof ready for the winter wonderland. Here are three roofing Lincoln NE tips to winterize your roof without breaking a sweat!


  1. Gutter galore

Clearing your gutters might not sound like a thrilling Saturday, but it is your roof’s best friend in the winter. Clogged gutters result very often in ice dam formation, and ice dams are like icicles’ not-so-friendly cousins. Maintain a neat and clutter-free gutter system to prevent the ice dam circus.


  1. Shingle shimmy

Your roof’s often underappreciated heroes are its shingles. Give them some love by checking for any loose or damaged shingles. These little warriors protect your home, and a missing shingle can be an open invitation to leaks and drafts. So, shimmy up there and make sure they are all snug!


  1. Attic prep

Your attic is not just a place for old Christmas decorations; it plays a vital role in winterizing your roof. Make sure the ventilation and insulation are adequate. A well-insulated attic keeps the warm air inside your home and keeps the roof from icing over. Plus, it saves on your heating bill!


Remember, a well-prepared roof is like a cozy blanket for your house during the Lincoln winter. So, embrace these tips, and you will have a winterized roof that will make your home safer and warmer.