The correct answer to the question in the title is “It depends”. On what, you may be asking. Well, on many things – here are some:

  • Your budget – in most cases, a new roof requires a more substantial investment than new windows. Even if you have many windows of non-standard sizes that need to be replaced, with windows, you can choose to replace one at a time, while your roof will have to be replaced in one go, there is no way to separate work processes in time;
  • The condition of the roof and of the windows – in many cases, old windows and roofs look worse than they really are. To make sure that replacement is the only solution, call a window replacement contractor and a roofer to check the building components and to provide an expert opinion regarding the best solution;
  • Your plans for the future – the decision to invest into new Lincoln replacement windows or a new roof might also depend on whether you are planning to live in the house in the future or you are planning to sell it. If you want to sell the property soon, you might decide to sell it as-is, without investing into the upgrade and without enduring the disruption related to the replacements.