Home Fiber Cement Siding Lincoln NEIf you live in or around Lincoln, NE, you know that sometimes the weather might be erratic. You must ensure your home is well-protected against harsh climates and changing temperatures. One of the most recommended solutions is fiber cement siding, but some people also opt for cheaper siding. Let us examine the distinctions between these siding options, as making the right choice can be challenging.

Fiber cement is a popular siding Lincoln NE choice. It is made of cellulose fibers, cement, and sand, which gives it extraordinary strength and durability. It also has the unique ability to withstand extreme climates and temperatures, which is vital in the Lincoln area. While the upfront cost of fiber cement may be more expensive, its long-lasting nature can ultimately save households money.

Cheap siding is more suitable for those who do not have the budget for fiber cement. It may be constructed from materials like aluminum, making it a good siding choice in wet environments. This option generally comes in panels and requires less maintenance than fiber cement siding, making it a more popular choice for some people. The major downside of cheap siding is that it does not last as long as fiber cement, meaning your ROI will not be great overall.