Winter Siding Damage Siding Replacement

Winter is a season of magic, with crispy air and sparkling snow, but it is surely a season that is hard on buildings, too. The siding on your building is among the components that take up most of the beating from the elements, winter weather included, that’s why it is essential to check it for signs of winter damage as soon as possible after the cold months. Here are some signs that indicate your siding has sustained winter damage and needs siding replacement Lincoln NE professional attention:

  • Moisture damage – your siding panels come into contact with large amounts of moisture throughout the process. The prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the paint on your siding panels to warp, to twist or to buckle and it can also lead to the appearance of rot and rust;
  • Cracking – almost all materials used in construction contract when the temperature is lower and expand when it is warmer. If the temperature changes that your siding panels are exposed to are very sudden and very abrupt, the siding material might not be able to accommodate those changes and might become cracked;
  • Holes and chips – winter often comes with harsh snowstorms that can lift objects around the house and smash them into the siding, causing chops and holes in the material.