Home Solutions Preventive Maintenance

Throughout the cold season, your roof has faced extreme temperatures, heavy snow loads, frost and a succession of freeze-thaw cycles. Winter represents a challenge for every roof, so spring is the ideal time to schedule with Home Solutions of Nebraska for regular maintenance, check thoroughly the entire surface of the roof and, if necessary, fix the problems that may have occurred in recent months.

Checking the exterior appearance of the roof

Many problems can be detected by observing the aspect of the roof.

If you spot the following issues, you should be aware that they will cause problems soon, if they haven’t already:

  • Loose or visible nails
  • Cracked, raised, curled or deformed shingles
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Spots that indicate moss and algae formation
  • Shingles with grain losses
  • Sealing problems, especially around vulnerable areas such as chimneys and skylights
  • Missing or damaged accessories
  • Damaged flashing
  • Clogged or damaged rainwater drainage system

Inspection of the attic or the space under the roof

Roof damage is not always related to the cover or the other exterior elements! Spring maintenance should also include checking the interior, observing the occurrence of some the following problems:

  • Water infiltrations
  • Deformation of the roof` s frame
  • Dry rot (the wooden structure of the roof must be strong, and if there is any sign of dry rot, call a professional roofer urgently, because there is a risk that the structure will collapse)
  • Ventilation and condensation issues
  • Slots between shingles that allow you to see the light from the attic
  • Signs of degradation caused by pests