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If your roof is showing signs of storm damage and you suspect or know for sure that the damage was caused by a storm from last year, you have no cause for worry: you still have a little time to file your insurance claim and to get the new roof that your building needs so much. Here are some things that you should know about the process:

  • The deadline for submitting your claim – most insurance companies give policy holders up to a year to file their roofing insurance claim. However, the recording of the damage cannot wait, all the faults should be recorded in the form of pictures and video footages as soon as they are noticed;
  • Have a roofer by your side – you will need a professional for the roof replacement anyway, so it is a great idea to hire a contractor for the documenting and the cost estimation as well. Your roofer will probably be able to help you not only with the calculations and the actual roof replacement work, but with preparing and submitting your insurance claim as well;
  • Finding solutions for an uninsured roof – if you do not have roof insurance or if your policy does not cover the type of damage that your roof has sustained, a local roofer such as can help you with advice about your financing options as well.