roofers roof structure products materialsA roof system is very complex, it has different parts and each one has its own functions. In general, people do not pay particular attention to their roof because they simply take it for granted. They realize how important its functions are only when something goes wrong and they experience roof problems.

First of all, a roof provides protection from the weather. Could you imagine how would be like to survive in a cold climate, or during heavy rain storms, without a roof above your head? Roofing techniques and materials improved a lot during the time, and now there are very effective roofing solutions, designed to withstand different types of climate.

Water tightness is particularly important.  Not only a roof protects our heads from getting wet, but it also protects appliances, furniture, carpets and other personal belongings.

Besides ensuring water protection, a roof also takes the most damage (wind, hail and other accidents or disasters).

Another function of a roof is to ensure protection from human and animal intrusions. Modern roof systems installed by roofers in Lincoln and other areas come with additional functions such as providing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Finally yet importantly, a roof also has a visual function, considering that it has a significant influence on the exterior aspect of a property, as well as on its value.