Home solutions roofing typesHere are just a few of the most popular roof types:

  • The roof with two even slopes

This is the most common type of roof. It has a form that allows the water to drain efficiently, and the installation requires low costs and has a low degree of difficulty. Moreover, this type of covering allows the owners to have an attic on the upper level of the house.

  • The roof with two uneven slopes

This is a type of roof chosen mainly because of its aesthetic appearance. Its asymmetrical shape is interesting and provides a unique aspect, also because the housing division has some particularities. There is typically a single floor built on the side with the lower slope, and two floors on the higher side.

  • The four-sided roof

This is a complex type, which requires more effort from the installers, but also more advanced technical knowledge. It is recommended for houses in areas where strong wind and rainfall are common phenomena.

  • The flat roof

Flat roofs, with a very low inclination (undetectable in the absence of special measurement techniques), used to be common in dry areas, but due to the complex thermal and hydro insulation solutions available today, we now find them everywhere, being very popular especially since they allow the installation of a beautiful terrace or even a garden on the roof.

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