Home Solutions For Different Roofing Types


Aside from being made of various materials, roofs are also different in terms of design and construction. Some are flat, other have peaks and valleys that merge together in various ways.

We have a lot of choices when it comes to building a new roof. In this article, we want to present just a few of the most popular types of roofs.

Flat roofs

They used to be mostly common for commercial buildings, but nowadays they are commonly found in different home styles that belong to the category of modern architecture.

Saltbox roofs

The saltbox style is very popular in Northeastern states and New England. It has an asymmetrical design: the front of the home with 2 stories in the back, resembling the design of old salt boxes – hence its name.


A dormer is actually an addition to a roofing style, rather than an independent type. A dormer represents a roof (which can be flat, gabled etc.) and a window that protrudes from an existing roof slope.

Roof combinations

Since there are so many roof types, combinations are frequently utilized to ensure the best function and efficiency for a building. Roof combinations create unique curb appeals and, in many cases, add a welcomed contrast.  No matter what type of roof style you have, hire a professional roofing company like https://homesolutionsofnebraska.com/ for roof maintenance and repair.