Siding Lifespan Siding Replacement

How long your siding will last on your home depends on many factors – here are some factors that influence the longevity of your panels:

  • The material – synthetic materials, such as vinyl, can stay on your building for 20-40 years; fiber cement and metal siding can last for as long as the building itself, while stone veneer can be expect to protect your home for 50-70 years;
  • The conditions – not all materials react the same way to extreme conditions. While synthetic, metal and cement sidings are resistant to pest attacks, they are sensitive to strong impact, so they work best in areas that don’t get too much hail; while wood is sensitive to insects, rodents and excessive moisture, therefore wooden siding needs to be regularly treated to be able to resist such challenges;
  • Cleaning and maintenance – all siding panels, whatever material they are made from, need to be cleaned at least once a year. The cleaning must be followed by thorough inspection to reveal any damage, such as cracks, dents, chipped edges, rot or pest infestations. The issues found need to be remedied as soon as possible by siding replacement Lincoln NE professional – some materials, such as cement, can be repaired, while the damaged panels made from vinyl or metal need to be replaced.