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Durable siding is essential to make sure that your home performs well in the winter, and that you won’t have to cover huge expenses when it comes to heating and cooling your home all year round. Siding, along with proper insulation and roofing, is one of the key components for ensuring that your home is both energy efficient and properly protected against stressors such as humidity, precipitation, hail and strong winds.

The most durable siding replacement Lincoln NE contractors install can be categorized based on its energy efficiency, resilience in the face of wind, impact and water  damage, and long term durability over decades of time. This is where it gets complicated. While some types of siding, such as vinyl, might be pretty resilient in the short run, as well as being relatively affordable, it’s no match for highly durable types of siding like metal and fiber cement, when considering it in the long run.

Metal siding offers some of the best options for insulating your home as well as ensuring that it won’t succumb to hail storms and other forms of storm damage and wind damage at least for about 30-40 years. Well-maintained metal siding can last even longer, while ensuring that you won’t need a lot of maintenance to keep it in good condition.