new siding process contractors install

If you have budgeted for your new siding panels and you are ready for siding replacement, here are the steps involved:

  • Finding the right contractor – while many homeowners choose to remove their old siding panels and to install the new ones on their own, hiring one of the great siding contractors Lincoln NE has for the process is the only way to maintain the product warranty and to ensure that the installation is performed as it should be. Siding panel installation is a service provided by roofing companies, so a local roofer is the business to turn to;
  • Preparing your home for the replacement – before the actual siding replacement can start, your property needs to be prepared for the process. Your trees need to be trimmed not to be in the way, you need to remove any obstacles from the yard and your home interior also needs to be prepared for the dust and the vibrations by removing sensitive items from the walls. Your doors, windows, shutters, gutters and downspouts also need to be protected;
  • The installation – the first step is the removal of the old panels, followed by the cleaning and the preparation of the walls through repair and straightening, then insulation is added to the clean wall and the new siding panels are installed on top;
  • Final touches – in the last phase, the panels that need painting are painted and the debris generated during the process is removed from the area surrounding the house.