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Vinyl siding is a commonly encountered choice for many homeowners. However, maybe you fall into the category of people who want something with a more unique appearance like that of fiber cement for your siding in Lincoln, NE.

First of all, it would be extremely helpful to find out a few facts about cement siding. As its name suggests, fiber cement is a mixture of wood fibers and cement. When it is produced, fiber cement is typically pressed into molds. These molds can be made to take the appearance of wood.

Fiber cement sidings can withstand different environments and weather events such as hail storms, pounding rains and high winds. Another great thing about fiber cement is the fact that it does not catch fire easily. Even when exposed to extreme heat conditions the siding remains strong. Direct flames cannot affect it. Another pro is the fact that you can customize your fiber cement siding.

But there still are some cons related to this type of siding material. Maintenance is less easy. Moreover, installation is not too simple, either. Because of that, the costs tend to be higher than in the case of other types of siding materials. Also, fiber cement is not energy efficient.  The best option is to have siding contractors Lincoln NE is home to come out and talk about the different siding products and have them do the install as well.