Roofing Contractor Snow RemovalRoofs are strong structures that can endure a lot, but the weight of snow can harm them seriously. Steep-sloping roofs are safer from the harm than low-pitched or flat roofs – the steeper the pitch, the easier it is for the snow blanket to slide down -, but snow is a risk factor for any roof.

The principle reason why an excessively thick layer of snow can be so harmful for your roof is the weight of the snow. Fluffy, powder snow weighs three pounds per square foot, which makes it the lightest of all types of frozen precipitation, but ice can weigh as much as 57 pounds per square foot and the weight compacted or wet snow also presses hard on roofs.

Most roofs can stand up to about 20 pounds of snow per square foot – if that snow is powdery, it makes for a thicker layer. Fortunately, removing snow from your roof is not very difficult: all you will need is a roof rake. These simple tools consist of a very long stick, usually telescopic to make storage and moving easier, and a raking head that has rollers and brushes. To use your rake, extend the stick and rake down the snow from the roof – the process is great exercise and it will instantly relieve your roof of stress.  For best results or if you are unable to remove the snow yourself, call on a professional roofing contractor Lincoln NE is home to.