Roofers Roof Insulation Roof Heat LossThe roof is the largest surface through which the warmed air inside your building can escape – heat naturally rises and if the roof on your building does not form an efficient enough thermal barrier, the air that you have heated at so much cost will simply slip out and vanish outside. The signs telling you that your roof is leaking heat include hiking energy bills and draftiness in the building – here is how to tackle the issue:

  • Add insulation – a suitably thick layer of cellulose fiber, foam or fiberglass placed or installed on your attic floor will prevent your warm air from leaving your building interior and will also prevent condensation underneath the roof, thus increasing your roof’s longevity, improving the quality of the air in your home and improving roof ventilation;
  • Add roof coating – with the roofers in Lincoln at your access you can also choose to treat the roof’s outer surface with a roof coating product suitable for improving the roof’s energy efficiency. Most coating products seal the roof surface in a way that prevents not only energy loss, but the penetration of water, too, thus helping prevent water damage to the roof surface.

Both solutions bring benefits not only in winter, but in summer as well – a properly insulated, coated roof will reduce your energy expenses during the hot months as well.