roofing lincoln home avoid serious problems

Spring is here and with it come spring cleaning tasks around the home. The roof should not be left out – here is how to check and maintain your roof and the area around it to ensure it is strong enough for the summer:

  • Start with checking your trees – if you have large old trees that overhang the roof, inspect the major limbs of the trees and trim off any branches that seem weakened to avoid any damage caused by branches falling on the roof;
  • Clean the roof surface – a brush on a long stick is all that you will need to remove all the dust, dirt and debris that has accumulated on the roof during the winter. Start the operation at the top of the roof and work your way gradually towards the gutters, then scrape out the accumulated debris from the gutters, too;
  • Look for signs of damage – check the roof and the gutters for displaced and damaged tiles and shingles, cracked flashing stripes, torn, punctured or cracked gutter pipes and clogged or damaged roof vents. They all need to be replaced to avoid severe roofing Lincoln NE problems and damage sustained at the level of your attic and your walls.