Home Exterior Interior Window SolutionsYour old windows might be perfect for the appearance of your building, but they are surely much less energy efficient than modern, multi-pane windows. If window replacement is not an option, but you would like to get rid of the draftiness, here are some tips for you:

  • Use window film – most hardware stores sell window insulation kits that contain film to be installed on the interior surface of your windowpane as well as film for the frame. The films are made from special, transparent material that has thermal insulation properties and prevents warm air from slipping out through the pane and the frame of the old window;
  • Use bubble wrap and tape – a simple, cheap and removable window insulation solution is bubble wrap fastened to the window frame with tape. The solution is efficient, but you will probably want to use it only on windows that are not facing the street to avoid diminishing your home’s curb appeal;
  • Use thermal curtains – these curtains are made from special material that helps you keep warmed air inside in winter and hot air outside in summer. Most thermal curtains can keep noises and harsh sunshine outside, too, so they provide year-round protection for your building interior.  For more home exterior and window services, look to https://www.homesolutionsofnebraska.com/.