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Even if autumn comes, the lawn can still be green and beautiful in colder temperatures. There are a few maintenance operations that, if done properly this season, will help the grass stay healthy until the arrival of winter.

Leave the grass taller

In the fall, the lawn should be mowed at higher height (4 cm tall) than in the summer. The dead plant material resulting from mowing must be raked and placed in the compost bin. If it remains in place, it may cause the apparition of lawn diseases. However, do not rake water-soaked or frozen lawn, as this can seriously damage the grass.

Rake the lawn thoroughly

Besides protecting the grass from disease, raking also stimulate the restoration of the lawn by thickening the grass.

Soil aeration

In autumn, it is also time for soil aeration. You must dig small holes, 8-15 cm deep, to improve drainage. During this season, drainage is typically weak, because of soil compaction that occurs during the summer.

 Restoration of areas with dead grass

Some areas of the lawn dry out in the summer, which is almost inevitable. For restoration, rake the affected areas and spread grass seed. Place a thin layer of compost or soil over these areas and water them.

Autumn fertilization

After a rain, fertilize the lawn to ensure a nice growth in the next year. Follow the dosage and method of administration recommended by the fertilizer manufacturer.

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