Spring Time Helpful Tips Siding Cleaning

Spring is the time when we start enjoying the sun and the time spent outside and also a time for thorough cleaning inside and outside the home. The siding Lincoln NE homes have being the component that defines the visual appeal of your home as well as the component that has stood up to all the stress caused by winter weather, your siding panels need deep cleaning in spring to let their beauty shine all year. Here are some great cleaning tips for you:

  • Wipe the dust first – when dust comes into contact with moisture, it turns to mud. To avoid that, wipe off the dust that has gathered on your siding using a soft brush and a piece of cloth;
  • Stay away from your power washer – power washers deliver a jet that can be too strong for siding panels and sometimes they cause more harm than good. Use your garden hose and a brush instead – the cleaning will take longer, but it will be safer, too. For oily residues, use a mild detergent and warm water;
  • Pay attention to mold or mildew – use a mold removal liquid or a mixture of vinegar and water to remove mold and to keep it away, too.