Roofing Companies Helpful TipsWith spring weather comes the time to clean your house exterior and your landscape from the debris left by winter. It is a good idea to start from the top, have roofing companies Lincoln NE has to clean your roof and inspect it to see whether it needs any repairs – when that phase has been taken care of, you should move on to cleaning the gutters and the downspouts. Here is how to handle that task:

  • Get the right tools – you will need a strong ladder placed on hard and even soil, a scraping tool, a brush, a long wire for the downspouts and a bucket for the process;
  • Work systematically – climb up on your ladder placed at one end of the gutter and start scraping up and scooping out the debris in the pipe. Collect all the dirt, grime and debris in the bucket to make it easier to clean the ground around the house when you are done with the gutters;
  • Clean your downspouts, too – the pipes that direct the water into the ground need to be completely clog-free, so run your long wire inside the downspouts to check for any obstruction. If you cannot remove the clogs while standing on your ladder, disassemble the downspout pipes and do the cleaning on the ground.