siding replacement brick

Decorative natural stones used for siding replacement Lincoln NE area are definitely in trend lately, especially due to the latest technologies that make them available in the form of large but lightweight panels that can be installed as a ventilated façade system.

  • Slate panels

Slate panels are distinguished by three major features: varied color palette, easy installation and great aesthetic impact. They are colorful: rust, yellow, brown, gray, black green, reddish etc. Their installation is not complicated due to the fact that the panels are pre-assembled, and typically come in dimensions that allow a convenient and fast maneuverability.

The aesthetics of slate siding materials are guaranteed by their rich color and overall aspect that catches the eye even when they are applied on smaller surfaces. Slate panels can be used for both indoor and outdoor siding.

Other popular siding options using decorative natural stones include:

  • Marble

With an elegant appearance and available in a variety of colors, marble is a good thermal insulator, it does not absorb water and represents a smart investment in long term quality and durability.

  • Granite

In areas with high humidity, granite is a very popular siding material, precisely because it is resistant to different climate factors.