Home Solutions Windows Replacement Selection Styles

In Lincoln, replacement windows often feature standard practical designs. However, that doesn’t mean local contractors are limited to these designs. Oftentimes, you can ask your contractor for something unique and request custom made, high quality windows that still won’t lose their practical appeal:


  • Round windows are a great addition to a home that already has a more unusual design featuring elements you’d more likely see in the countryside. However, if you want to take it one step further, you can have your custom window design shaped as a windmill made of stylish wood and glass.
  • For modern styles that feature a more futuristic design, rhombus-shaped glass windows can be a great addition. This design is usually found in hotels and some eccentric commercial buildings, but they have been more frequently used for residential buildings as well.
  • Replacing a wall with large glass windows is a great option for bringing in more light. However, you can also take it one step forward and add a few tiny, square shaped windows that fit snugly in the middle of the larger ones. The design has also caught on for houses featuring statement glass walls that require added ventilation.
  • Finally, beautiful elongated stainless glass replacement windows are great when you’re looking to add privacy to your home while also making your windows stylish and beautiful. The designs can be artistic and unique, and these types of windows are often a great addition near the top of stairways, from where they can act as a colorful source of lighting during the daytime.  See what style works for your home from https://homesolutionsofnebraska.com/windows/.