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Many homeowners do not give too much thought to the siding on their building, even though the panels chosen can make a huge difference not only in terms of energy efficiency and protection from the elements, but also in terms of appearance. Here are some tips to make your home stand out with unique siding:

  • Mix materials – there is no reason why you should use only one type of siding on all your walls. You can mix materials for a striking appearance even on the same wall – wood and metal, stone and wood make excellent combinations;
  • Get paintable panels – while many siding products come in painted form, you can also buy material that you can color the way you want. Stucco panels, for example, can be freely painted and repainted whenever you feel like changing the style of your building by changing the colors on the walls;
  • Use contrast for the trim and the walls – a white trim combined with a strong color, such as a burgundy shade on the wall or a bright trim with a toned-down grey wall are great for creating a dramatic appearance. When picking the hues, take into consideration the shade of the roof and the colors used on the window frame as well.  For professional siding installation and selection look at https://h