Home Solutions of NebraskaVisiting Lincoln NE is a great way to spend your mini-vacation or take a week-long vacation to explore both the city itself and the surrounding areas. When you check out Lincoln with your friends for at least a quick weekend getaway, make sure you look up the following places as well:


  • The Haymarket district is one of those historic places that are great to walk around, whether you’re a genuine history buff or not. The 19th century brick warehouses and brick streets will create a feeling of nostalgia reminiscent of old movies, while the large water tower and the unique clock will present an excellent point of attraction for both history and architecture enthusiasts.
  • When you visit Lincoln with your friends, you should definitely check out the University of Nebraska State Museum. This is one of the most interesting and exciting places in the entire city, featuring the world’s largest articulated mammoth, lots of interesting fossilized elephants and many collections that tell the story of Nebraska’s natural history.
  • Why not catch a game at the Memorial Stadium? This large stadium is a sight to be seen in and of itself, and if your friends are sports enthusiasts, they’ll love being there. The place can hold almost 90,000 people, and the locals are definitely not shy to show their support when the home team is playing.  Lincoln NE is home to wonderful businesses such as Home Solutions of Nebraska who maintain the home exteriors of businesses and homes alike.