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Roofing warranty typically includes two types of warranties: the warranty on the roofing material, provided by the manufacturers of the different materials used for building the roof and a warranty on the workmanship, provided by the roofing Lincoln NE company that installed the roof. Here are some important things to know about the two components:

  • The warranty on the roofing material – this type of warranty comes from the material manufacturer and it covers for roof damage arising from a manufacturing defect. The warranty is valid for a specific period, for example, roof shingles come with a manufacturer’s warranty of around 25 years. In most cases, standard material warranty covers only for the costs of the new material, not for the installation costs or the other costs related to the damage;
  • The warranty on the workmanship – your roofer should provide a labor warranty on the work they provide. This type of warranty covers for any damage caused by the incorrect installation of the roofing materials or by incorrect repair. Many manufacturers of roofing materials condition the validity of the warranties offered on their materials by requiring the installation to be performed by a roofer approved by them;
  • Extended warranties – roof owners can choose to buy more extensive warranties from material manufacturers to cover for a wider range of defects and problems.