home roofing solutions long lasting products

The market of roofing materials is extremely varied, with materials that stand out with their attractive appearance, with others that are suitable for specific climate conditions and with some choices that are superior to others in terms of the durability they offer. It’s important to check with companies such as Home Solutions of Nebraska for the best roofing products to install for your roofing project.  Here are some of the materials that provide the highest longevity:

  • Slate – the natural material is attractive and durable, able to embellish and protect your building for over 100 years. However, the material is quite expensive, it requires special professional installation and maintenance and it is quite heavy, too, so it might not be the best solution for lightweight buildings that cannot hold the excessive weight;
  • Clay and cement tiles – another attractive and heavy material that offers durability of over 50 years;
  • Metal roofing materials – the metal panels or shingles used for roofing can be made from aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel, copper and various other alloys are also available. The material is lightweight, resistant to the elements, easy to install and to maintain, but even more importantly, it can last for over half a century on your building;
  • Plastic roofing – synthetic roofing materials are lightweight, very affordable and they can last for over 50 years.