Door And Window ReplacementThe three most common materials used for making entry doors are wood, metal and fiberglass. Out of the three, wood is preferred for its unparalleled, natural beauty, steel is the material that offers the highest level of security and the best protection from intruders, while fiberglass provides the highest level of weather resistance. Here are some of the further benefits of weather-resistant, synthetic doors:

  • Low maintenance needs – fiberglass is indestructible, the material being resistant to impact, moisture as well as to wide temperature variations. All you will need to do to keep your fiberglass door in good condition is to wash it occasionally;
  • Energy-efficiency – many fiberglass entry doors come with in-built insulation, therefore they will keep cool air inside your home in summer and warm air in your rooms in winter;
  • Aesthetic appeal – fiberglass is a versatile material, suitable for creating textures to mimic wood and available in many colors and styles;
  • Easy installation – most fiberglass doors come pre-hung in sturdy frames that are easy to fit into the opening;
  • Easy availability – fiberglass doors are very common and available from brick and mortar stores as well as from online retailers. You can also find many companies that offer custom door systems and also Lincoln replacement windows for your home.