home halloween decorating solutions

There are a lot of creative ways you can make your home look great for Halloween. While most people focus on setting up pumpkin-headed scarecrows in the back yard, others are looking up to the roof for inspiration. And it’s true, when you decorate your roof, your decorations will be a lot easier to see, and if they look good, then just about everyone in the neighborhood will admire (or envy) your home.


Some ideas that are a little over the top but can still look good under some conditions would be to set up some giant figures, such as ghosts, giant spiders and witches. Of course, carved pumpkins are also a good idea, and you can use eerie LED lights disguised as old oil lamps to add more of an impact.


Others might go to the next level and decorate the roof with spiders’ webs and bats, as well as other creepy creatures you might find in scary movies. You could even add a few unique decorations to give your roof scary eyes and a mouth filled with large teeth, giving the impression that the house itself has come alive and is ready to devour any unsuspecting passerby that comes along.


While being good fun, decorating your roof for Halloween can also be a great way to showcase your skills and make a big impact without having to buy a lot of smaller decorations.  No matter how you decorate, Home Solutions of Nebraska wishes you a safe and healthy celebration.