fiber cement siding replacement installation

Fiber cement siding is a construction material used for covering the exterior of a building, both in commercial and residential applications. A composite material, fiber cement is made of cement reinforced with cellulosic fibers. Asbestos was originally used as a hardener but for safety reasons, it was replaced by cellulose a few decades ago.

Fiber cement boards can be pre-painted or painted after installation.

Typically, they are available in widths of 5.25 inches to 12 inches. Fiber-cement thickness and density vary — lower density results in a rougher cutting edge, while higher density ensures a smoother edge.

Fiber cement siding provides good thermal insulation and prevents sound transmission. In general, the thicker and denser the siding, the better the insulation. In addition, it ensures fire resistance and waterproofness, and should be the go to for siding replacement Lincoln NE homes often require.

In order to benefit from all the advantages it provides, the project of adding fiber cement siding to your home should be left in the hands of specialists in Lincoln, NE. Fiber cement siding panels are heavy and require two people to transport and install them. In addition, thinner products are particularly fragile until they are properly installed, so they must be handled with care, as they are prone to chipping and breaking, which will translate into money loss.