Siding Products Siding Contractors Siding SolutionsAdding siding to your home`s exterior is a smart choice, because siding provides an immediate makeover and it has more than a decorative role: it also represents a protective layer against impact and structural damage on your house that may happen because of different reasons, mostly weather-related.

Vinyl siding is one of the most reliable options and also more affordable than wood or brick. It has great qualities, but impact resistance is definitely not its strength. For example, a severe hailstorm can leave irreparable holes.

Fiber cement is another low maintenance and affordable siding option, which is also aesthetically versatile. In impact testing situations, it provides better results than vinyl. Hailstones do not cause breakage or cracking, but it still leaves sizable dents that cannot be ignored.

Engineered wood is much more flexible than traditional and has the best results in impact resistance tests. The marks left behind are barely visible and can be easily repaired.

Steel siding is highly durable and able to withstand more damage than most other materials. During impact testing, it performs far better than fiber cement and vinyl, but still not as good as engineered wood, because it gets small to medium concave dents, as well as slight paint chipping.  It’s best to ask local siding contractors Lincoln NE has to find out what siding product is best suitable for your home and environment.