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A wind resistant roof is a roof that has tightly fitting, snugly fastened components – here are some roofing contractor Lincoln NE recommendations:

  • Secured shingles – one of the best material options for wind prone areas is impact resistant shingles. Developed for regions that get extreme weather, these special shingles can stand up not only to strong impact, such as the impact caused by large hail stones, but also to the high winds associated with storms. The components of these systems are made from special materials and they also feature special shapes that ensure that the roof is more compact.
  • Sheet metal – these metal roof designs feature larger components fastened together in a way that prevents the wind from getting underneath are the best options for windy areas.
  • Membrane roofs – initially, roof membranes were the go-to solution for only commercial and industrial applications, but nowadays, as flat roof designs have become popular for residential buildings as well, roofing membranes are a common and popular option for high wind areas. Roofing membranes are installed in the form of large sheets fastened together either with cold welding or with heat and they form a structure that doesn’t let when they get underneath.