questions home solutions roofing inspectionIf you are currently looking for a home to buy, it is very important to get the roof on the properties you like checked by a professional roofer. The roof is one of the most expensive and most important components on any building, therefore it is important to ensure that the roof on your future home is strong and healthy. Here are some questions to ask during the roof inspection:

  • The roof material – you should know exactly what material your roof is made from, so obtain that information from your roofer;
  • The age and the condition of the roof covering – before you buy the home, you need to know exactly how long the roof has spent on the building and how long you can expect it to stay on the building before it needs to be replaced. You should also ask whether there are any repairs that are due soon – you should know the costs of those repairs to figure out the price you are willing to pay for the property;
  • The condition of the support structure – you should also ask the roofer to perform an assessment of the condition of the roof’s beams, decking and other components of the roof’s support structure. The check-up can be performed from the attic so schedule it today