Gray Brick Siding Home Contractors

It is no secret that residential buildings are getting older too, and so is their siding. This is caused by the fact that any material, no matter how durable, wears out over time, due to the destructive effects of environmental factors such as precipitation, wind, freeze-thaw cycles, very high or very low temperatures, hail etc.

In winter, the specific weather can affect almost any type of siding. The most exposed are those made of wood or natural stone, which must be carefully checked in early spring, to ensure that there are no cracks that would diminish the protection siding offers to the building, and no other unsightly inconveniences, such as chipping or dirt.

As for vinyl siding, given that this material is more durable and is not affected by the elements like the others, the biggest concern will be to make sure that your siding is not dirty, as it may spoil the aspect of the entire house.

Siding repairs and cleaning should be performed every spring by siding contractors Lincoln NE is home to and include the following operations:

  • Identifying and repairing moisture damage
  • Cleaning algae and mold that may form on certain siding materials
  • Repairing cracked areas
  • Washing the siding – Caution: do not use organic solvents, acetone, undiluted chlorine or powerful cleaning solutions, as they may ruin the aspect of your siding! Pressured water will do, but you can also use a solution made of soap and water, which is useful for cleaning dirt as well as light mold and algae.