Home Solution For Roof Damage

Storms, whether associated with rain, snow or hail or coming only with high winds, can cause severe stress for roofs. If you suspect that your roof has sustained damage during the most recent storm, here are some signs to look for:

  • Loose and exposed components – sagging roof components, such as gutters that are no longer straight, fasteners that are loose or visible and roofing elements that are out of place, such as tiles that are no longer in the line are among the most obvious signs of storm damage on your roof;
  • Damaged components – cracked, dented and chipped components also indicate storm damage. If you have a shingle roof, also look for shingles that are no longer protected by granules on their surface – exposed shingle mats are sensitive and are likely to develop leaks very soon;
  • Damaged flashing – the stripes of material installed to reinforce the roof areas where the continuity has been compromised, such as in roof valleys, around roof openings and chimneys, are also frequently damaged by storms. Check the stripes for improper adhesion, cracks and dents and remove the damaged components to prevent more severe issues, such as leaks and damage to the roof decking.  For best results hire professional roofers here https://www.homesolutionsofnebraska.com/.