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Nebraska winters are usually harsh, with lots of snow, freezing temperatures and extreme weather events. Local homeowners who want their property to make it through the harsh season sustaining no or only very little damage need to start preparing their home for the cold period of the year when the weather is still nice. here are some measures that Lincoln roofing companies and other home repair specialists recommend:

  • Strengthen your outdoor area – pruning your shrubs and removing dead or weakened branches from your large trees are great ways to maintain the health of your vegetation as well as to protect your buildings and other objects in the yard from the impact caused by extreme winds. you should also pay attention to the fans around your property – a thorough inspection and the repairs for the faults revealed are very important tasks;
  • The importance of roof maintenance – getting the roof on your building checked by an experienced roofing contractor Lincoln NE professional and having all the faults detected during the inspection repaired in a timely manner is also very important to ensure that your roof can stand up to whatever the winter brings along;
  • Remove the water from the pipes and hoses around your home – frozen water can expand and this can cause your outdoor water fixtures to burst, so the best way to proceed is to remove water from your exterior areas while the weather is still mild.