Home Solutions Green Roofing Options

Seen as the best way to give back to nature the piece that was taken from it by building a house or any other property, the installation of a green roof is an ecological way to “dress” this part of a building, a solution for all those who want to protect the environment by reducing pollution and the urban greenhouse effect.

In simple terms, a green terrace roof is a roof covered, either fully or partially, with vegetation: grass, flowers, green plants or small shrubs, which grow with little human intervention, also becoming a mini eco-system for insects and birds.

The structure of such a roof consists of several layers, each with a well-defined role, which can be mounted on both straight and sloped roofs. Very important in this system is the root protective membrane that forms a barrier, which does not allow roots of the planted vegetation to pass, thus preventing them from penetrating the other layers and affecting the entire roof.

Equally important is the drainage system. It is designed as an egg formwork, which allows it to retain water in specific compartments in order to hydrate the soil, while redirecting excess rainwater to drains.

Besides the aesthetic impact that a green roof has on a house and implicitly on the entire neighborhood, the advantages for the environment are unquestionable, bringing benefits on a personal level. In addition, this type of roof is energy efficient and soundproof.  For other types of green roofing materials check with Home Solutions of Nebraska that can help you decide which green roofing products to choose.