Trends Home Solutions 2020Like any field of home décor, exterior design is also determined by trends, especially when it comes to windows – here is what will be fashionable in terms of window design in 2020:

  • More streamlined designs with larger windows and thinner frames – the windows on your building set the personality for the entire construction. The latest trend is to move in the direction of transparency, with larger glass panes and less dominant, thinner frames. Large panes separated with thin lines, placed into frames that are almost invisible are probably the trendiest right now;
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency – the windows are the largest surfaces through which energy slips out from a home. Another dominant trend is to improve the home’s energy-efficiency and sustainability with windows that use multiple panes of special glass that prevents energy exchange. Choosing window frames made from sustainable materials is a solution that is increasing in popularity – wood and aluminum are the best examples;
  • Colored windows – while colorless glass is still a popular choice, more and more homeowners opt for colored glass in their windows. Grey or brown glass panes are not only more energy efficient, but they are also great for creating a classy and dramatic look.  Look to Home Solutions of Nebraska for the latest in exterior home design trends.