roofing companies do roof replacement repair

If you’re new to roofing, you probably don’t know just how different various roofing projects might be from each other. The clearest example is the difference between a roof repair and a complete roof replacement.


A roof replacement, or a “re-roofing” job, is a process through which a roof is replaced in its entirety and usually requires professional roofing companies Lincoln NE has to do the job. While repairs are somewhat cheaper, a re-roofing project can cost you in excess of $10k, and if the new roof you’re installing features a somewhat more difficult setup, then there can be a lot of complications and the entire job can last for weeks on end.


In contrast, a roof repair project is much more straightforward, in most cases. The roofer arrives and assesses the damage – or does a detailed roof inspection, if the damage is not immediately apparent. Then they proceed to provide you with a written estimate on the repairs, and as soon as you give them the green light, they’ll get to work.


A roof repair can be a lot cheaper, and sometimes it’s over in just one day. However, it can also carry the risk that your roof will be damaged once more, especially if it’s older. Depending on your roof’s age, its ability to cope with the local climate, and the quality level of its workmanship, you might still be able to have it repaired for some time, but eventually a roof replacement will be the only solution.