Time To Update Home Solutions Window Replacement

Getting new windows is a large investment, one of the largest in the life of most homeowners, so the decision to remove the old windows and to install new ones should be preceded by some careful thought. Here are some things that indicate window replacement is, indeed, the best solution in your case:

  • Draftiness – windows tend to change shape and size as they age, shrinking and getting deformed. When that happens, small gaps appear between the window frame and the wall around and the glass is no longer held with sufficient tightness by the frame, both phenomena allowing for unwanted air movement. The best way to act if you feel draftiness in your rooms is to make accurate measurements of your windows, then to get new windows as soon as possible;
  • Damaged operating mechanisms – if opening and closing your window has become difficult or impossible, it is a clear sign that a window replacement Lincoln NE company needs to come out and replace it;
  • Moisture between your panes and on the inside of the frame – the excess moisture that clouds your glass and runs on your window frames is usually caused by condensation, a problem that cannot be solved through repair, the only solution being the replacement of the entire window.