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Your home is only as strong as the roof that protects it from above. Roofs are made from materials developed to stand up to even the harshest weather, but time has a way of weakening even the strongest roofing system. While many roof faults can be successfully fixed, the time when the roof must be replaced will inevitably come – here are some signs from roofers in Lincoln that tell you it is time to prepare for roof replacement:

  • Roof age – if the material that your roof is made from is approaching the end of its warranted lifespan, you should start saving up for a new roof, even if the existing roof does not show severe signs of damage;
  • Increasingly frequent leaks – if leaks follow in a chain and you get some dripping each time it rains, it is a sign that your roof is generally weakened and patching up one leak at a time is no longer enough;
  • Damaged shingles – the most common signs of severe roof damage in the case of asphalt shingle roofs are missing surface granules (granules on the ground around the house or in the gutter), curling and buckling that extends to over 30% of the roof.