roofers inspection must doA roof is only as strong as its weakest component and any small roofing damage can progress quickly and turn into a major fault almost overnight. The best way to detect roofing issues in time is through regular roof inspections – here is what you should know about the process:

  • Inspections scheduled twice a year – having your roof inspected in spring and in fall are essential for preserving the health of your roof. Winter and summer being the two seasons that are the harshest on roofs, the gutters and the downspouts, the inspections scheduled when either of the two seasons are over is the best way to identify any damage caused by snow, extremely high or extremely low temperatures, winds, storms and hail;
  • The inspection needs to be accompanied by roof cleaning – the debris that accumulates on roofs in winter and during the summer can cause lots of damage to the roof surface, therefore it is very important to remove all of it from the roof surface as well as from the roof vents, the gutters and the downspouts;
  • Timely repair is essential – whatever issues are detected during the inspection, they must be fixed right away to prevent any damage or fault aggravation.  Most roofers in Lincoln are available for emergency roof inspections as well as scheduling them.