certified replacment window contractor

Each time you hire a contractor, there are some essential details to look for; license and insurance certifications are the most important.

If a contractor for replacement windows Lincoln area or any other home contractor causes damage to your property and does not carry adequate insurance certifications, you will have to pay for it, just like you will pay id an uninsured worker is injured on your property. Basic insurance certifications include general liability and workers compensation.

When you evaluate a contractor and do the preliminary talking with a representative, do not take his. her word for granted. Do not accept simple verbal confirmations! Ask instead to see the certificates. They can be copies sent by fax or email, because policies can be verified.

You can safely assume that a contractor is not reliable if they try to convince you that insurance is not necessary. This is a trap used by amateurs who try to convince people to purchase their inadequate services – which you may end up compensating out of the pocket, if you fall into their trap.

These are a few examples of contractors and services you should request insurance certificates for:

  • Different home installation or repair services
  • Independent contractors
  • Contractors for residential or commercial remodeling projects
  • Different professionals (staffing firms, mortgage brokers, consultants etc.)
  • Housekeepers, gardeners, maids and much more.